Fish Creek | Calgary Engagement Photographers | Emily & Chris


This was simple... just a family spending time together. Emily and Chris and their beautiful daughter shared the day with us in Fish Creek Park. We leisurely roamed around and sat down for a relaxing picnic. The little one was picked up by her Grandma for a sleepover, and then Emily and Chris walked with us to search for some beautiful light. Our sessions tend to be like this, simple, relaxing strolls or hikes, our equipment stripped down to the barebones. Sometimes we wish there was no camera, just moments frozen in time by our naked eyes. 

We really must thank Emily's sister who found our work and suggested they should meet with us. I think we match off well. Emily and Chris sat with us for a cup of coffee, shared their story, and their hopes for the wedding day. We'll be there for their Calgary wedding, capturing laughs, family and friends reunited, and moments not to be forgotten...but relived as they flip through their wedding album.