Helicopter Wedding Photographers | Stephanie & Herbert


It's 3am as I write this blog post. Herbs and I met during the agony of school and working late trying to meet deadlines. Somethings do not change. I'm indebted to Herbs for his hard work back in the day, and even to this day he thought of Nikki and I to be their wedding photographers. A long time ago Herbs mentioned about Steph, told his story about how they met, and the sense of adventure when he's around her. She showed endless patience throughout Herb's pursuit of academics and professional endeavours. Over rivers, lakes, mountains, through the passes, is how I would describe their journey. 

It's 4am and perhaps I'm tired. Probably overthinking. I remember saying one day to Herbs, that I wanted to pursue wedding photography. Way before anyone knew Nikki and I picked up cameras or were building a wedding portfolio. Wedding photography that was a bit different. Documenting crazy couples who didn't focus on the dress, decor, venues, djs etc... Couples that knew that their wedding day was special but not something to be scripted. Focus on relationships, family and friends, emotions, laughter and the land & waters which we live on. An abandonment of what society says is needed for a proper wedding, fancy venues,  ball rooms,  black ties, seven course meals, superstitions... an abandonment of wants. Steph and Herbs were the crazy couple that we were looking for, they obliged, they believed in Nikki and I, and flew us up in a helicopter to Mount Charles Stewart. They understand memorable moments are made by taking a leap of faith and doing the unexpected.  

Our career up till now has been a leap of faith from some lovely couples both local to Calgary and from far and wide. The world is becoming more global and while it has its ups and downs, we feel more connected then ever. Honestly not everyone will connect with our approach and style, but we know so long as we continue to make what connects with our vision, somewhere on this planet a few folks will reach out to us

- Jim