About Jim and Nikki Photography


Like most people, I had a day job. Listening to my heart, I picked up photography. I lived in a box but wanted to travel; it opened my eyes to new lands, cultures, food, and people. 

My favourites things in life are family and friends, coffee, long-form talk, light, and a good print. Weddings are all this. Sunrises, travel, stories, friends, family, laughs, good food, and if we are lucky, coffee.


I am always short on words to say when it comes to bios. 

About Photography

When the two of us first met, like many people, we had to see each other's family photo albums. The birthdays, the holidays, the sisters and brothers, the friends, and the homes. At some point, however, the images stopped. They are ones and zeros trapped in lost and broken machines.

Our experiences have taught us our job as photographers are to document memories. When we take a photo, edit, share it on the web, and hopefully print it, the cup is only half full. Years need to pass by, growth, laughter, sadness, all must come to a pass. When memories begin to fade that is when the printed photo is cherished, a one of a kind, and irreplaceable. It is not a lesson preached but a lesson experienced.

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